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This page offers links to free crochet baby bib patterns.

Warning - A few of the bibs that I've added here from different sites have ties. These are no longer recommended due to chocking hazards. Keep this in mind when crocheting for babies. It doesn't matter as much for a newborn, but an older baby could get them caught on a high chair.


Side Snap Strap Baby Bib

Absolutely Easy

Baby Bib

Baby Bib

Baby Bib - No Photo


Bev's Bib

Bev's Round

Bib and Booties

Bib with Initials

Circle Bib

Cotton Bib

Cotton Thread Bib

Diagonal Cotton Baby Bib

Diagonal T-Shirt Baby Bib (yes, this is made from a recycled t-shirt)

Embroidered Bib

Filet Bib in Worsted Weight Cotton

Flower Bib


Granny Square


Hufflepuff Badger

I Love Dad

I Love Mom

I Love You

Panda Bear Baby Bib - No Photo

Preemie Baby

Recycled Bib

Shell Stitch Baby Bib

Side Strap Baby Bib


Solid Shell

T-Yarn Baby Bib

The Bear Bib

The Train




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