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Free crochet patterns for American Girl and other 18" Dolls

18" Christmas Doll Hat - Orble

18" Doll Hood - Crochet n More

18" Doll Hoodie - Crochet n More

AG Boa Gown - Donna's Crochet Designs

AG Sun Dress - Cobbler's Cabin

American Girl Thread Gloves - Donna's Crochet Designs

American Girl Doll Tie Hat - Cobbler's Cottage

Celebrating Girldom - Crochetville

Detroit Red Bunnies - Hockey Apparel - Crochetville

Doll Hat - Crochet n More

Easy Dress - Dee Dee's Blog

Gardeners Getaway - Crochetville

Haley's 18" Doll Headband - Crochet n More

Jumper - Dust Bunnies

Life is Just Peachy - Pants, Top and Messenger Bag - Crochetville

Little Girl Dreams - Coat with Fur Collar - Crochetville

Movie Night - Crochetville

Pants for American Girl - Bella Bambina

Patriot's Daughter - Crochetville

Poncho - Crochet n More

Ruffled Doll Skirt - Crochet n More

Scarf - Crochet n More

Seasoned Just Right - Crochetville

Spring Blizzard - Crochetville

Spring Dress - Bella Bambina

Spring Fling Garden Party Outfit - Crochetville

Spring Sweater - Dustbunnies

Wearing the Green - Crochetville

Wedding Dress - Bella Bambino

Wild Cherries and Cream - Pants and Vest - Crochetville

Youthful Memories - Crochetville

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