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Christmas Wreath Ornament or Pin

5 Ornaments

14 Candy Cane Covers

5 Crochet Ornaments - JPF Crochet Club

Angel - Yarn Girl's Craft Christmas

Angel Ornament - Free Vintage Crochet

3-D Crochet Lace Ornaments - Blogless Knitting

Angel - Crochet n More

Angel Ornament - DLTK

Baby Snowman - Donna's Crochet Designs

Baubles - Sarah Switalski at Hubpages

Bead Candy Cane Ornament - Suzies's Stuff

Bead Garland - Hugg'ems Collectables

Beaded Snowflake - Karp Styles

Bo, the Snowman Ornament - Roxycraft

Bow Ornament - Crochet n More

Braided Wreath Photo Ornament - Crochet n More

Bright Star Ornament - Coats and Clark

Bulb Sachet Ornament - JPF Crochet Club

Button Ornaments - Talking Crochet with Carole Alexander

Candy Cane - Planet June

Candy Cane Ornament - Free Vintage Crochet

Candy Cane Covers - Crochet Hook

Candy Cane Reindeer Cover - Crochet n More

Cardinal Bird Head Ornament -

Charlie Brown's Tree Ornament - Crochet Me

Chenille Christmas Heart - Optus Net

Christmas Bear Ornament -

Christmas Bear Ornament - Here and Above

Christmas Bell Ornament - How to Do Things

Christmas Bell - Learn How to Crochet

Christmas Bells - Craftown

Christmas Bells - Free Craft Unlimited

Christmas Cactus - Cecinatrix Crochet

Christmas Gift Ornament -

Christmas Tree Hat Ornament - Craft Elf

Christmas Wreath or Pin - Barb's Crochet

Cornucopia - Free Vintage Crochet

Covered Balls - Hubpages

Crystal Ball Ornament -

Crystal Snowflake - Marika's Place

Dreidel Softie - Crochet by Faye

Elephant in a Santa Hat - Pacy Crochets

Flat Angel Ornament - Crochet Cachet

Green, White and Red Bells - Free Vintage Crochet

Holly Wreath - Karen's Variety

Icicle Ornament - Crochet n More

Lacy Snowflake - Coats and Clark

Little Aprons - Crochetroo

Mermaid Ornament - Kreinick Mfg

Mini Hat Ornament - Inner Child Crochet

Paper Chain for your Tree - Yarn Girl's Craft Christmas

Photo Christmas Ornament - Crochet n More

Reindeer Head Ornament -

Santa Cat and Pillow Ornament -

Santa Claus Star - Free Vintage Crochet

Snowflake Ball Ornament - JPF Crochet Club

Snowflake Ornament - Off the Drawing Board

Snowflakes - Barbara Kay at Hubpages

Snowflakes - Fay Thef at Hubpages

Snowflakes - Wild Faces Gallery at Hubpages

Snowman Ornament - Craftown

Star Ornament - Off the Drawing Board

Stocking Ornament - Crochet n More

Two Crochet Snowflake Ornaments -

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