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The free pattern for the Rose Bouquet Placemat is fun to crochet for all those that love filet crochet.

Rose Bouquet Crochet Placemat

Rose Bouquet Placemat

This pattern came from the vintage book “Newest in Floral Doilies”, Book No. 268 which is now in the Public Domain.It was published by Coats and Clark.

Materials: Clark's 2 balls Nile Green Size 20 crochet cotton, 1 ball Clark's Beauty Pink size 20 crochet cotton. You’ll also need a size 9 crochet steel hook. 

Finished Size - 12 inches by 19 1/2 inches.

Abbreviations Used

ch          chain

dc           double crochet

sp            space

bl            block

Starting at A on chart, with Nile Green, ch 167.

Row 1: Dc in 8th ch from hook (sp made), *ch 2, skip 2 ch , dc in next ch. Repeat from * across. Ch 5, turn (54 sps).

Row 2: Skip first dc, dc in next dc (sp made over sp). *2 dc in next sp, dc in next dc (bl made over sp). Repeat from * across to within last sp, ch 2, skip 2 ch, dc in next ch. Ch 5, turn.

Row 3: Make 1 sp, dc in next 3 dc (bl made over bl); (ch 2, skip 2 dc, dc in next dc) twice (2 sp made over 2 bls); make (1 bl, 2 sp) 5 times; 1 bl, 14 sps, (1 bl, 2 sps) 6 times; 1 bl, 1 sp. Ch 5, turn.

Row 4–20: Starting with 4th row, follow chart until a total of 20 rows have been completed.

Row 21: Make 1 sp, 1 bl, 16 sps, ch 2, drop Green attach Pink and working over green in order to conceal it, make 2 bls, 2 dc in next sp, holding back on hook the last loop of next dc, make dc in next dc, drop Pink, draw Green loop through – always change colors in this manner – do not work over Pink, make 9 sps, 6 bls, 15 sps, 1 bl and 1 sp. Ch 5 turn.

Row 22: Make 1 sp, 1 bl, 2 sps, 1 bl, 13 sps, 5 bls, 7 sps, ch 2, drop Green, pick up Pink, make 5 bls, drop Pink, pick up Green, make 13 sps, 1 bl, 2 sps, 1 bl and 1 sp. Ch 5, turn.

Staring with 23rd row, follow chart to top, changing colors as before, always attaching a separate strand of Pink for each new Flower and breaking off Pink at end of each Flower.


Attach Green to any corner sp, 7 sc in same sp, 3 sc in each sp around, making 7  sc in each corner sp. Join and break off. Starch lightly and press.